Our Story

Dawn and Amanda

I've been asked many times when and why the "Wild Dakota Calendar Girls" Calendar was started so I decided to take this page to explain.  In 2007, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  I fought the fight for a year and can proudly say I am now cancer free.  My daughter, Amanda and I wanted to do something to be able to give back to help the fight against cancer.  While South Dakota is known for it's outdoor activities, our state also has many beautiful women who like to hunt and fish.  For this reason, we decided to show off these beautiful women doing what they like to do.  The calendar didn't start as the Wild Dakota Girls but rather evolved a year ago after working with our family friend on our first four years of calendars.  This is the second year for the Wild Dakota Girls Calendar and we're proud to still be giving back to help fight this horrible disease.  My husband, Kerry, has been my support both through my cancer and now with being the Production Director of our calendar shoot.  Without him this calendar wouldn't be possible.  Make sure to like us on Facebook to see where the girls will be next so you can get your calendar autographed! We hope you enjoy this year's calendar and we thank you for your purchase!

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